Saturday, September 11, 2010

Buckaroo handmade treats for your dog!

My dog Sam, wasn't feeling feel and on meds (he's fine now!). First he got a hole in his front foot pad from chasing the ball on newly laid asphalt and then...I cut a mat to close to his ear (actually cut a quarter size of skin!) which became extremely infected.
So I decided to buy him some treats from etsy, even though the vet says he needs to lose weight.
I contacted who owns a shop on etsy! She was extremely helpful and also sent me links for a better kibble for my pooch. He's a chowhound, a golden retriever.
She suggested toys to use when he eats his dinner so he wouldn't be able to gobble in all down at once. These are interactive toys.
Her bones arrived and she graciously cut them in half for fattie Sam. She suggested 6 small meals a day for him and he seems happier and less hungry.

Her bones are SO GREAT I will be buying them from now on. I got the plain salmon bisquits for Sam and he loves them. They're super crunchy and freeze well. Homemade meat, fish or chicken, and
free range chicken eggs (which don't contain chemicals or hormones!)

She also suggested to stop giving him rawhides, as they are processed in a strange brine from another country and could contain all kinds of horrible stuff.
If you have a dog, he deserves buckaroo treats! Handbaked!
*For some reason I am having trouble posting links on my blog today* I'll try again tomorrow!

A money tree? Really?

A woman and her friends attached 100 "$1" bills with little notes and attached them to a tree to see what people would do. They filmed it all. The result was pretty cool:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dog days

There's a nice bike trail (though seasonally it gets ticks--my most hated bugs) that my Sammie loves (he's the Golden Retriever with the two black spots on his tongue) to chase balls you throw with one of those ball tossers. This is his "pal" Akela who is German Shepard/ huskie.

He can run all day, with frequent breaks in the shade, chasing balls, and it's nice because the trail is dirt.

Well, they paved it over and I totally forgot about what happens to my boy when he runs too much on asphalt!

Poor Sammie was limping the next day and I discovered a huge hole on one pad and two smaller ones on his back feet. I tried to put some doggie wax on his sores, but it hurt, so I put on a dog shoe.

Then I was brushing out all the millions of burrs from his long hair. He always gets matts on the curly "dreds" by his ear so I was snipping away and he flinched.

God, I had cut too close to the skin and now he had a hole about the size of a quarter.

I felt so awful for him! He slept all day and night. It's been a few days and his walking is fine now.

We have to find a new place to chase balls.