Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

What fun Halloween was this year! I went to my first haunted house and screamed through every room (you had to follow the arrow to get through) with people jumping out at you, elaborately staged scenes like a dining table coved with crisp white cloth, fine china, and a person in the middle eating something raw and disgusting, strobe lights, wooshes of air, headless dolls, etc.
Then we carved some pumpkins.
For Halloween night, Al my dad suggested a hunchback for Kenny. I was a witch and my mom helped me make this huge pointed hat. We stayed outside in this cul-de-sac where Kenny lives and droves of kids came by for the next 2 hours. He was hilarious and scared the hell out of all the kids. I was the friendly spook.
He dragged one foot and gave out candy. The kids would ask, "Does your back hurt?" He would say," My back is killing me" and kept dropping candy and telling the kids to pick it up for him. One kid saw him about 1/2 block before he reached the house and ran to his sister to get his sword to be ready to face the hunchback.
He followed a few kids, dragging his foot, and they would run away.
Great night!

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