Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My photoshoot with my two nieces!

My two nieces (my little brother's girls) Midori, a student/ singer/ model and Mariah, a college student/ model came over on Monday and posed for me. We had to really rush because their brother needed the car, so with about an hour, after getting dressed and pinning up their hair, I clickety clicked as fast as possible!
My nieces are just breath-taking and the sweetest girls, they can make anything look fantastic! Plus they are experienced in front of the camera and knew just how to pose, so it was easy for me.
They are coming back on Sunday to finish the things we didn't get to. I gave them some jewelry and hair stuff for being so gracious to do their auntie this favor.
Everything can be found in my etsy shop! Thanks guys!


elsiee said...

isn't awesome to have gorgeous girls in the family that will model for you!!

Christie Cottage said...

These girls are drop dead gorgeous!! The hairpieces are fantstic!

bridechic said...

I've seen a lot of models and these girls are totally ON! They did an excellent job on their makeup. I do remember when I was uploading their photos on Savvy Scoop, say to myself, 'boy what beauties . . .'
I'll be doing a post on Bride Chic soon either on the jewelry or head wear and let you know