Saturday, March 27, 2010

5 of my ethnic folk art paintings have sold and more

"Flying Kites" 16x20 Sold $1,500
"Tending Sheep" 12x16 SOLD $700

"The"The Field" (version 2) 22x27 SOLD $950

"Milking" 14x18 SOLD $800

"Off To Town" 11x14 SOLD $350

"Fox Hunt" 24x36 (Payment for my art rep)

"The Field" (Version 1) 18x24 (in exchange for $1800 ads)
These are the paintings I did last July for a gallery show (two woman show). Since then, they have been moved around to different galleries.
OMFG! The gallery owner just called to let me know 3 more have been sold to to a single buyer. Also another buyer wanted one of those paintings but was too late. Hopefully, she will choose another.
I'm not rolling in dough yet, but out of this I have made a good bit and gotten one great newspaper article about me.
I don't sell my paintings on etsy because people are wary of buying higher priced paintings on the internet. All of my paintings are sold in the New Hope, PA area where I am originally from. My dad and stepmom (remember? I have 4 parents) live and can keep an eye on things.


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Pretty Fun said...

I saw your post in the forums. Hooray!

Ms.T. Fishstabber said...

I really like your paintings, nice colors and feel to them. Glad you are selling. TF

Melissa Dargan Heintjes said...

Great work... I love your sense of color and composition... what's you medium?

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