Sunday, February 24, 2008

Birthday Celebration

Not for me of course, since I am a May baby, but it was for my brother, mom, and sister-in-law, many Feb. birthdays. We have a huge family of 8 siblings, but only 3 of us could make it. It was Japanese food again, and yes, we do eat other cuisines, but my mom chose her favorite Japanese restaurant. Because she loves Sama-san, the sushi chef who buys the freshest fish and likes to experiment with fushion type food ( a mixing of east meets west kinda thing.This is Sama-san. Sushi chefs are thought of with very high distinction and must pass many rigorous tests, be extremely talented and innovative and possess years of training to make it.

Here are pics of some sashimi in the display case, all fresh that day. One is octopus, then salmon, and lastly, my favorite tuna (maguro).

And this is my family:

My old hippies (my mom justed turned 71).

One older brother (his birthday), his German wive and their two boys, and younger brother and his French wife (her birthday.)

It was a GREAT night, with too much sake, lots of laughing and eating, and a bill of ...over $700!


Bridget said...

Looks like it was a great party !! I tried octopus once, it was a bit rubbery. I'm a May baby too (may 15th).
Glad to hear you had fun.

tatsuko said...

Mmmm, maguro.... the west coast has the best sushi (I've had it in Vancouver) - lucky you! Lovely family :)