Friday, February 15, 2008

Not the best Valentine's

This is me, after crying a lot last night, with very puffy eyes. I am no longer part of a couple...after 9 years with my boyfriend. Yes, I am a freckle face!

Been up since 6:00 am, sky still dark and day yet to appear. I take my ultra strong cup of French roast to warm up a bit and wait for light. I am wearing a pair of handwarmers I bought from an etsy seller and a warm knit scarf from my mom. I have on my thickest sweatshirt. This is California in the winter, pretty frigid, but luckily, the rain has been holding off.

Here are some pics of the garden, looking soft and dewy in the early light. You can see the rosemary blooming with tiny delicate lavender flowers, and a large koi who has surfaced to greet me.


susanlambert said...

Beautiful colors! Your blog is a treat to look at.
I'll come back!

Lucky Girl said...


BaldyLocks said...

I'm sorry your Valentines sucked. What a difficult thing to happen to you. I hope you gather yourself up to be in a better place.

I'm sending you warm hugs and wishes.