Sunday, February 22, 2009

Don't drink sake and go onto the etsy forums...

Well, the day started innocently enough. Who knew what would occur just a few hours later!
It's that time of year again, my mom's birthday--72nd to be exact and she always likes to go to a great sushi restaurant where we are friends with the sushi chef Sama-san.

So we got gussied up, me looking like cat woman, dressed entirely in black with 3 inch suede knee boots. Sam the dog looked pitiful to be left, so he came along to the party.

We were met by a couple, some family friends.

The food was spectacular, the fish super fresh, the sake awesome. Normally, when you drink sake you share it, with the little cups and a decanter. But our guests had beer, my mom doesn't drink and my dad prefers his sake cold, whereas I like mine hot. So...I had that decanter all for myself. Then I had another, and another. A drunk person never knows how drunk he/ she is.

We went out to the parking lot where Sama-san fetched his own dog, an akita/ lab mix, and the two dogs played together with leases on. It was then time to go home, so Sama-san put my Sam in the car but forgot to take off his leash.

We got home, I let Sam out of the car, and went on my merry way, falling twice because of my 3 inch boots (not the thing to wear after consuming mass quantities of sake.)

I got on the phone, called my exboyfriend, told him I loved him and wanted to come home. Then I went on the etsy forums as some sort of ninja samurai Dear Abby.

Here are the forum postings, misspellings and all! and

Later, my dad went looking for Sam, because he noticed him missing and he didn't respond to a whistle. Our cars are parked far away from the house because my parents live on a quarter of an acre. He saw Sam standing by the car. He called again, but Sam just stood there looking confused. Finally my dad went up to him and began to pet him, when he realized the dog leash was closed in the door!

Mama mia! Sam hates when I drink sake too.


Joanna Von Liebling said...

Haha. . . You need a bumper sticker: "friends don't let friends drink and post" or something like that.

I do not believe your mom is 72. She looks amazing!

sherry said...

Oh, hell say what you want wherever you want. They'll move it.

Happy Birthday to your mom! She looks so happy today.

OpenLetterToYou said...

Your drunken etsy posts were hysterical!
Even RW had a sense of humor about it.
Your mom looks terrific, I can't believe she's 72.
I'm glad you found the dog.

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Sounds like a birthday to remember..Next year make sure someone hides your ex's number...Your mom is a beautiful woman...have her lock up the keyboard next time the sake comes out...:)

Meg_L said...

Sharon, you are too FUNNY!!

Please tell you mom happy b-day.

You might mention to her sometime that DD is very much into Japan and so Liz gave her the Japanese prints (that your mom gave her YEARS ago)and she has a few of them framed and hanging on her walls.

mrsbeccijo said...

That was great, I laughed so hard I cried!

Cathe Holden said...

Oh, honey.

What a night.

Ilena said...

at least Sam was safe, I did enjoy reading the posts, very silly. Everyone loves a silly drunk, no harm done!