Sunday, February 8, 2009

I am etsy and blogging again

Well, I've been gone for quite a while, nursing a broken heart from my breakup with that Bill guy, my ex-boyfriend of almost 9 years.

My etsy store (I now only have one after my hard drive got fried) was full of cobwebs and dust, and I have been doing a bit of cleaning up and adding new things--many lower priced casual jewelry pieces made faster and with less intricate detail, so I could offer a range of jewelry for different buyers. I am still busy adding more pieces.

Plus I started knitting! My first, a loose weave oatmeal colored wool scarf, is almost finished and I'll add it to my shop.

I am glad to see my old etsy friends are still around--fishbulb500, fashiongreentbags, and princessizzy. Fishbulb said I better post another blog or she would have no choice but to kill me dead because she is SO sick of coming to my blog and seeing the pics of me and my two old hippie parents partaking in the huge portions of an authentic Mexican meal (see post below!)

Here's Sam at the largest dog part in the entire USA, running free and happy. It runs right along the beach and, after a few ball tosses, he snuck into the pacific ocean which is rocky, ice cold, and full of currents! After that we put him back on the leash. He just cannot resist water. Goldren retrievers are bred to be waterdogs; hense, their super thick coat.

I am glad to be back! Hello everyone!


FishBulb500 said...

Well, look who has finally bumped her hippie parents off the top of the page. :) Good to see you back.

*puts away the cement shoes*

Meg_L said...


Love the blog and your art work and just wanted to stop by.

rtisan said...

Meggie? Hey cousin! How are ya?