Sunday, February 8, 2009

A List of Promoters you can hire for your shop

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Yesterday on the etsy forums, I posted a thread about how I seem to spend my life promoting my shop, never-ending hours upon hours, and never seem to have time now to make new pieces, photograph them (which is also extremely time consuming) and list items. So I suggested that there is an untapped niche on etsy---shop promoters or PR people.

How great because a bunch of people came forward, and I have actually hired one person, to try out for a week, to promote my shop. She is making me an ad, then will post it in several network sites, along with some classified ads.

To help anyone needing this kind of service, I have compiled a list here of PR people, bloggers who will feature you and your shop for free, and some free sites to place ads. Also, a really cool site that has a website/ blog rater (it goes by how much traffic your blog receives, so you can check before you commit to placing an ad on someone's blog or site).

Here we go (with my disclaimer that I can, in no way, vouch for any of these people. Convo them and ask about their history with business marketing, etc.--do the research before choosing one):
says: I would love to help anyone with promotions---I love PR/Marketing etc. I would love to write a press release for you, a feature story etc. Perhaps brain storm about some ways to get creative with your marketing for the next few months---If you are interested---please convo me. I have honestly been thinking about starting a blog just for marketing for crafters---it would feature daily and weekly goals, and fun projects for all--to make promotion fun!!Looking forward to hearing from you!
I didn't share much about my background--Public Relations and Journalism--I have been a freelance writer, and also operated my own art studio for 8 years. I recently decided to jump back into the corporate world after a recent divorce--however, not sure that was the right move. I am now the marketing director under a major national company. However, I don't think working for "the man" is what I should be doing. So my goal is to promote my art work on etsy and other online/offline venues, operate as a freelance writer, and start a marketing blog/business to help with...promotions! I miss owning my own business, and creating daily--writing, painting or getting creative with a marketing plan--I am a bit different of an artist. I consider myself more the creative type. If you are interested in helping me get my business off the ground, I would be interested in helping you. Perhaps we can work together---talk to you soon!
I can create an etsy facebook page or personal/ business blog, myspace, twitter, etc. If you are looking for a website presence I can create that. I am willing to work with anyone who needs help with marketing, be it print or internet.

I work for iContact for email marketing. Email me if you are interested.
My business is small & I just do a few admin jobs for other small businesses.
But, as I read this thread I'm thinking that maybe I can put a package together for Handmade i.e. Etsy shops
to promote, or have a menu of things I can do. I know people won't have a lot to spend to start, so that's why I want to tailor this and think about the best approach. I don't know how long this thread will last since someone said this is something Etsy would not allow. If anyone is interested, please convo me then I can
give you my email address and we can really talk. Thank you, Marlene
I create Avatars, Banners, Logos, I have have created my own address lables to match my logo, Avatar and Banner. I have a website . I love setting it up and change peridodically to keep things fresh!I can create and place ads.. there are a lot of free advertising sites out there. I also have numerous networks I belong to and carry my theme throught. If any would be interested in a personal consult just email me through my webpage. I have added a page there called helping hand or you can convo me here
I use facebook,myspace,twitter,2 blogs,local press realeases,and paid ads on orangesoda and yellow book not to mention any free classifieds I can get to bring people to my site and everyone links that I have posted.Unfortunaltely (sp) it taked a goo 30 days to get in all the search engines etc. but i have had about 1300 page view so far and still tweaking the site to make it more shopper friendly.
Hi...been reading your post. Could you tell me a little more about what you are looking for in having someone else promote your business? I might be interested in helping you out, but I want to see what exactly you have in mind first!! :-)Feel free to read my blog to learn more about me! I'll be out some this evening but will respond as soon as I return! Blessings, Dawn ( Dawn will do a complete review of your shop for $30)

Bloggers who will feature you:

*FREE ( does giveawayson her blog )

I do give aways and when the item is sent to me for the give away I do a seperate review!Started this month, all etsy sellers. This month's FREEBIE - AVATAR & BANNER!

*FREE (will blog about your shop)

*FREE ( will feature you on her blog and has blog giveaways)

*FREE (will feature you on her blog--she does an interview every Weds.)

*FREE (will feature you on a blog)
"I'm planning to start my own blog with a goal to promote handmade. Funny enough, I was planning to do it for free! The only trick is to get myself organized and set aside time to actually do it."

*FREE (will feature you on her blog)
Okay I'm gonna jump in and hope this work. I love blogging and special about artistic/creative people. I would like to offer featuring any of you in this thread on my blog All you have to do is convo me with permission to copy your photos and infor from you profile for use on my blog.I may even later ask you to do an interview as I have time. I still create, blog, do a little promoting and love it all.Go look at the blog and you will see what I do. I was told by on of the artists I featured in my watercolor blog that she sold both items I featured. It can't hurt and costs you nothing. will answer questions. He also is willing to reveiw your shop for a samll fee. (is a web designer)

FREE ad sites: (go to upper right where it says to "submit store"

free website grader: (so you can check out scores for websites to see if they are worth advertising on and get plenty of traffic. )

free blog ranker: (blogs with a page rank of 4 and above get good traffic and have a good ranking) recommends a book called "A Complete Guide to Google Advertising" by Bruce Brown


Radiant said...

Thanks for the mention, Sharon. Just want to mention to your readers that I have added a PR Package. 10 hours of promotion for $100, this is a $20 savings off of my hourly rate. I can cover a lot of ground in 10 hours that perhaps the shop owner doesn't have time for. If anyone is interested, please email me at Best Wishes, Marlene

Anne said...

Hi My Name is Anne and my Shop on Etsy is Made for Me by Oaklie. That shop is my Handmade Fashion Scarves. My newest site is My Helping Hand at I offer services to create Avatars, Ads, Banners, Business Forms and do some PR for you. You can read all about it on my Ning site.
You can also visit my Made for me by Oaklie site at
I just created and ad for Rtisan and will be doing some PR for her this week!
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me either thru Etsy or at

Dawn Rhodes said...

Hi Sharon...thanks so much for adding me to your list. I would suggest to your readers or those looking for promotional help to check out my blog at My blog is designed to assist small business owners with marketing/advertising/promotional ideas. I have over 15 years of experience in small business ownership and management. I am also willing to do a private review of your current marketing ideas you are doing and using for your business for a small fee as well. Feel free to contact me at!

Carol said...

this great information. I may consider the services mentioned here, as I have little time or know-how for promoting my shops. thanks for posting.