Saturday, May 15, 2010

6th Grade Boy WOWS the World with his voice

His name is Greyson Michael Chance and he's 12 years old in 6th grade. He recently was one of the contestants in a local 6 grade talent show and it was taped. He Played piano and sung a song called Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga.

He decided to post his performance facebook, and from there , to youtube along with 2 other songs he wrote and sung. The video went vial and was seen every where with over 8 million views.

Two days later he was invited to perform on the "Ellen Degeneras" show and Lady Gaga called in to wish him well.

He has an AMAZING and soulful voice, filled with feeling andan incredible range.

Here's the original video from the talent contest:

And then here he is on Ellen:

His parents said they want him to concentrate on finishing the school year and getting ready for soccer before they decide about his future singing career.

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