Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So I'm going to make feather fascinators!

I'm so excited! I love playing with color, texture, and shapes, so I think this new venture will be a fun one. I still haven't received all my supplies (I bought 99.9% of them from esty sellers) and of course, bought too much! Am broke now. But when it comes to supplies, in whatever I do, I have to have it all and it has to be first rate quality.

I plan to make them from scratch, so I bought a ton of loose feathers, some vintage rhinestone buttons, and am learning to make my own flowers. I purchased 3 from an etsy seller already made (but haven't received them yet) so I could figure out how to make them, but I went on youtube and found a bunch of flower making tutorials.

So I have made a few of my own. They're actually quite simple. You cut out different sized circles and pass each one over a candle flame so they crinkle and the edges get sealed.

I bought 4 types of glue and a new hot glue gun to see whch works best but haven't received them all yet. I also got some alligator clips. I plan to buy bobby pins, hair combs and hairbands in the future when I have more money.
I bought ostrich, goose, guinea, pheasant, and turkey feathers.

I've made one practice one for a gift of the gallery curator in Spain and hopes she likes it!
And I better stop spending!

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