Monday, May 24, 2010

More Feather Fascinators

I made two more feather fascinators for any occasion. One has two peacock feathers accented by a bed of baroque freshwater pearls.
The other is a delicate piece with two satin peach roses (I learned how to make them from a youtube tutorial by a kid!) on a bed of orange pheasant feathers, with these really cool feathers called "goose biots" which are long, curvy and skinny. I also added some curly pheasant flue.
I am a bit nervous about making a bridal fascinator, but that will be my next. I guess I'm nervous because I can't really play with color, but will have to create interest with textures, shapes, and accents.
I am going to contact a wedding blog when I have enough fascinators in my shop.

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