Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Karma and cranes

Well, I've decided to sell cranes for good Karma, in my shop. They can be hung in your car, a hospital room, or even your house. Since my son was very little, every time he took a plane trip to somewhere, I would make a crane and fold it flat, then tuck it in his pocket for a safe journey.
I have 3 in my shop made of beautitful chiyogami paper from my aunt in Japan. It is silk-screened one color at a time.
I also added a Japanese bad karma hex--no, this is not witchcraft or even voodoo. It's a karma spell I do on people who hurt me, or if you purchase it, people who have hurt you somehow.
Don't worry--this hex will not kill, maim, or do any mayhem. Instead, it's all about how much good Karma you have built up over your life. This hex will affect your karma in some way.
I am half Japanese and this is not a western view of karma. It's not even an India view of karma. It is a Buddhist view of karma. It is all about balance in the universe.
I am an agnostic, but my mom from Japan is a Buddhist. She also reads palms in the Japanese way and believes in the animal year you were born. I am a boar.
I totally believe in karma and have done this hex to people who get under my skin.
My mama tells me that doing this hex is actually beneficial because it draws out the negative energy inside of you which could be very destructive if it remained. She first showed me this particular hex when my then husband had an affair with our foreign exchange student who was living at our house when my son was a year old. I cooked for this Japanese girl and befriended her.
What she did was considered very evil for a Japanese, since they are very big on "face".
Anyway, I have it in my shop along with my good karma cranes ( and I will be adding decorative touches to them as I learn the art of mizuhiki (bending of beautiful washi papers).

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